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What would you do with an extra day?

Once every four years, we get the gift of an extra day, special thanks to the non-precise orbit time of the earth around the sun. If you’re like me (Abby), you’re always wishing you had more time, so now that we’ve got it, I was curious about how some of my fellow IN Foodies were going to spend their leap day.

“What could be better than an extra day of the year that falls on a Saturday?” – Anita

Anita’s planning on making her extra day count by racking up some steps and enjoying a (hopefully) sunny weekend outside. We’re happy that the extra day falls in February because it’s giving us an extra day to meet our February Step Challenge goal! As a team, we’ve set a goal of 2.5 million steps in February to celebrate our 25th anniversary!

Emily and I are also planning to embrace what’s left of winter. I’ll be going skiing, and she’s heading north to go dogsledding and snowshoeing with her part-time job at Get Knit Events. Although, she says she SHOULD be doing laundry. Very relatable.

Maggie loves the idea of using the day to be productive, but it comes as no surprise to us that she’ll be soaking up the sun in Arizona for a wedding. If there was an award for attending the most weddings in a year at our office, Maggie would win by a landslide in 2020.

Lori and Betsy will be helping (and celebrating) at With One Breath, a non-profit supporting Cystic Fibrosis research. This year is special in that a new drug was released that’s able to treat over 90% of people with CF. “Still fighting for a cure, but this is changing lives.” – Lori

Also doing something sweet is Ciara, who’s going home to spend her day with her grandma!

If you have any cool plans of how you’re going to spend your bonus day, we’d love to hear from you!

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