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Account Executive

B.A. Journalism (Strategic Communications)
University of Minnesota

Maggie’s keen eye for detail led her to be interested in advertising at an early age: she’s always been intrigued by the way certain messaging attracts different audiences. Maggie cut her eyeteeth in the account world working as an account manager for a retail cloud software company before coming to IN Food. Her skill as an innovative thinker and knack for building strong partnerships ensures our clients are in good hands. Plus, her unabashed obsession with food — like a true Midwesterner Maggie loves a good hotdish — means she fits in pretty well here at our office full of foodies.

Chocolate Aversion..?

Maggie hates chocolate (we know, we’re concerned about her too) but will make an exception for Reese’s Peanut Butter cups…because, peanut butter.

“Maggie Baggie” to the Rescue!

As a child, Maggie created a comic strip where she flew around and shot bags that cleaned up trash and recycling. If she had a superpower today, she would choose to be Maggie Baggie because she thinks—and we agree—that a sustainably-minded superhero is something our world could use right about now.

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