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Account Strategist

B.A. Strategic Communications
University of Wisconsin – Madison

Emily was drawn to advertising when she realized she was the only one in her family that actually enjoyed watching and listening to commercials. She loves figuring out how brands can connect with their customers in new ways and learning what makes them tick. We love her can-do attitude and the joy her bright smile brings to the office.

Emily Erickson's quote "I'm like a whisk, because I can take a lot of seemingly unimportant things & create something good out of it.."
Emily covered in food including peppers and olives

Order Up

Emily’s favorite ice breaker question is “What’s your favorite sandwich?” The more excited about answering the question someone gets, the more they tend to get along.

Swim Fan

If Emily could choose a superpower it would be the ability to breathe underwater. Her nickname growing up was “Swimily” because she never got out of the lake.

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