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Vice President / Creative Director

B.A. Art & Design; Minor: Journalism
Iowa State University

If Lori is not in her office working furiously, she’s usually fixing up something delicious for us to eat. Her position at IN marries her two life-long passions: food and art. She was the only preschooler in her class who could crack an egg successfully. Baking and Visual Arts were her purple ribbon categories at the fair every year. After almost 23 years with the company, her intelligence, insight, and passion for design continues to inspire the IN crew.

Lori Gerdts Quote "I love all things truffle - truffle oil, truffle salt, chocolate truffles, and Truffle, my cat."
Lori with dough on her head

Foodservice Factoid

Lori was introduced to foodservice in high school when she began serving for a catering company, later she scored a job working at a restaurant called Aunt Maude’s in college. However, Lori’s chance to play “chef de cuisine” for a week came when she took a class at the Culinary Institute.

Creative Coif

Instead of a thinking cap, Lori dons a thinking hairdo. She’s usually seen at brainstorming meetings with a ponytail high on the top of her head.

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