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The power of CONNECTIONS.

Since IN Food president and founder Anita Nelson launched Food Connections in 2005, we’ve built connections in every food industry niche you can think of, creating a network of trusted contacts we can quickly leverage to expand our capabilities.


March 20, 2019

Our discussion topic for this event will be Market Madness: Battle of the grocery stores.

Whether you’re a first-time attendee or a Food Connections veteran, we’d love to see you! To get in on the food and fun, shoot us an email at, and join our LinkedIn and Facebook groups to stay connected.


There’s no cost to participate–we ask only for a genuine desire to connect with other professionals serving the food industry. At each meeting you’ll have the opportunity to share your business capabilities. We also hold roundtable discussions on relevant trends and topics, and build in plenty of time for networking with professionals in specialties such as:

Recipe development
Food styling
Nutritional analysis
Promotions/sweepstakes fulfillment

Graphic design
Rebate processing
Qualitative/quantitative research
Culinary consulting

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