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Our Favorite Twin Cities Sandwiches

Take a moment and visualize your favorite sandwich. What’s on it? What kind of bread? Sauce? Protein? Toppings? Perhaps it’s something you make at home, or it’s a favorite from a restaurant.

Naturally, when we talk about anything food-related as a team, it always sparks an interesting conversation. Check out this roundup of our favorite sandwiches found locally:

Hello, Hola Arepa

Abby’s favorite sandwich is the slow-roasted pork arepa from Hola Arepa. She technically classifies it as a sandwich as it’s served between two cornmeal griddle cakes. If you disagree, head over to the comments and let us know why.

She claims this sandwich is “simply delicious” and wants to give them a shoutout, “Hola Arepa made dining in the era of COVID surprisingly comfortable by giving you instructions on when to put on your mask and having little signs on your table for when you need service so they limit interactions. So helpful!”

The Beloved Be’Wiched Egg Salad Sandwich (We will forever miss you!)

A few members of our team (Alyssa, Lori and Betsy) used to swear by Be’Wiched’s egg salad sandwich. It was a lunch staple near and dear to our hearts within walking distance. We’ll forever be fond of this irreplaceable gem of a sandwich and restaurant.

The Runner Up

If Betsy can’t get her hands on an egg salad sandwich from Be’Wiched – her next go-to is the chicken sandwich at Lake & Irving in Uptown. It’s a crispy, fried buttermilk sandwich topped with duroc bacon, Cady Creek Farms pepperjack, sriracha aioli, and sandwiched between two slices of sourdough. It’s simple enough, yet exquisite.

Add Your Own Flair

In classic Lori fashion, she’ll put her own chef’s twist on a great sandwich to make it her own. Her favorite sandwich in the Twin Cities is the club at Mort’s Deli in Golden Valley, but she subs sourdough bread for pumpernickel and adds avocado. *Chef’s kiss*

Does a Burger Count as a Sandwich?

If you said, “Yes!” then Maggie’s favorite sandwich is the Parlour Burger (a Minneapolis fan-favorite and award-winning burger). If you said, “Nope,” then her favorite sandwich would be the classic BLT with avocado from Bunny’s Bar & Grill, one of her favorite neighborhood spots.   

All About the Special Sauce

Sam’s favorite sandwich is the pan con lechon from Guavas Cuban Cafe. It’s made of pulled pork, mojo onions, shoestring potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, and special sauce, creating a tasty must-have.

Make it a Good Day

The Good Day Café is a special spot for the IN Food crew. Over the years it’s become a spot to unwind after a big meeting or simply take a break from the day’s work and enjoy the moment. It is also the home of Anita’s favorite sandwich, the BLT&A. Nothing beats a delicious sandwich on a great patio.

A Sandwich You Find in Your Dreams

For months after dining at Surly, I (Ciara) had dreams about their brisket sandwich. Whenever I felt the slightest bit hungry, my mind wandered to this juicy sandwich packed with a delightful BBQ flavor and topped with crunchy coleslaw.

Have a sandwich you dream of in the Twin Cities? Drop a comment with your favorites—we’re always on the hunt to try out other items on the menu or visit a new spot.

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