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Cupid, Cupcakes, and Conversation Hearts: Happy Valentine’s from IN Food

It’s valen-time to add some romance into your day-to-day, and we at IN Food are excited to celebrate this holiday our favorite way, through food (It’s our love language). We’re sharing our tips and tricks on what to add to your February 14th, and what can go the way of St. Valentine’s cranium. (Did you know he was beheaded? Yeah, they left that out of 3rd grade craft hour for us too.) 

You’ve heard the old adage “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” but we like to take a less-sexist approach: some say the surest way to show your love is through a nice meal. Our staff recommends going the carb and comfort food route. Anita loves to whip up sherry-braised short ribs, and Abby indulges her sweetie’s sweet tooth with chocolate-covered strawberries. 

It’s not just people that need some extra love on this holiday, here at IN Food, we like to show some love for the veggies that maybe aren’t the prettiest girls in school. Ciara vouches for radishes and eggplant, and Betsy defends mushrooms, while Anita is a fan of snacking on jicama. On the controversial-combination route, Alyssa can’t get enough of the combination of sweet married to salty. “Pineapple on pizza and peanut butter on burgers, if it’s done properly it’s soooooo good!” 

We’ve also been swooning over local spots we loved to visit in the past. Our staff says “ti amo” to Italian cuisine, listing Broders and Andiamo. Abby can’t wait to dine at Amore in Uptown. “I’m picturing myself there having a little Lady and the Tramp moment with Italian music in the background.” Betsy fondly recalled getting the star treatment at Urban Growler. “Once my husband called to see how busy it was and said something along the lines of ‘Great! My fiancée and I will be in shortly!’ Well, they thought we were JUST engaged, but it had been at least a year. They treated us to a white-tablecloth, candle lit VIP dinner. It was hilarious and oh-so-sweet.” 

Valentine’s can be a slog of the same-old-same-old if you aren’t careful. Maggie may make some enemies with this, but she isn’t a fan of red wine or chocolate, so she’s ready to see something new! We’ve had some serious office division over Conversation Hearts. According to Ciara, “They taste horrible. If you think otherwise you’re lying to yourself, but they’re classic and must stay.” But Abby asks a bold question: “are Conversation Hearts even good or do we just eat them to be nostalgic?” Fair question, Abby!

We feel so lucky to have clients, partners, friends and family as wonderful as all of you.

Just imagine we’ve slipped a retro Valentine into your locker. B Mine? Xoxo, IN Food. 

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