Metro Meals on Wheels
March 22, 2023

2022 Food for All Partnership Program: Metro Meals on Wheels

When you’ve assembled a team of dedicated, creative minds, it’s only right that those talents be used to better help the communities in which we live. That’s the basis for our annual Food for All Partnership Program. Through an application and selection process, one food-based charitable organization is selected to receive half the proceeds from our 5% Give Back Campaign (up to $10,000), $10,000 worth of pro bono marketing services and 25 hours of staff volunteering.


As we’ve chosen our new partner for 2023, we wanted to take this opportunity to share the work done for last year’s winner, Metro Meals on Wheels.

Serving the Twin Cities One Meal at a Time

Metro Meals on Wheels is the local association of the 31 Meals on Wheels programs. They lead the effort to make sure people in our community receive the nutritious meals and the human connection they need to help those in need live independently. Meals on Wheels is a community-based service that provides fresh, nutritious meals delivered directly to the homes of seniors and individuals with disabilities throughout the Twin Cities. In addition to regularly providing healthy foods, caring volunteers provide social connection that helps meal recipients remain living independently in their own homes.

How We Were Able to Help

Metro Meals on Wheels wasn’t necessarily looking to garner more donations or even to increase volunteers. Their goal was to speak to caregivers and ensure they knew they could trust Metro Meals on Wheels to deliver more than nutritious meals. Although well-prepared food is the core of their services, the well-being that comes along with the human connection created by delivery volunteers is immeasurable. And it was up to IN to help communicate that crucial message.

Because You Care

“Because You Care”

After a round of presenting different concepts, the “Because You Care” prompt became the basis for messaging that came to life in various media including billboards, flyers, social media and TV spots. It speaks directly to the caregiver audience and allows the flexibility to highlight various benefits.

Hitting the Streets

In addition to the agency services and monetary donation, IN team members also volunteered as delivery drivers. It was truly rewarding to get out there and experience what makes Metro Meals on Wheels such a deserving organization. Yes, the meals were appreciated by the recipients, but the consistency and kindness created by the interactions were also extremely valuable.

Looking Ahead to 2023

We were honored to recently announce our 2023 Food for All Partnership Program winner: Every Meal. We look forward to helping them achieve their mission of fighting child hunger through community and school partnerships.


For more information and to learn about other past partnerships, be sure to see our Food for All Partnerships page.

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