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Black History Month: Wellness Shops to Support

Our Wellness Committee raised the bar yet again by honoring Black History Month while nourishing our minds and bodies. A $25 stipend from the committee allowed us to each support BIPOC- owned and operated local and national businesses. Here’s what we learned: 

Nothing says “self-care” like lighting a candle, sipping some tea, and sitting down with a good book. 

If you know Maggie, you know she would rather hug a porcupine then put down a good book. She bought from Black Garnet Books, locally-owned by a Black woman who curates BIPOC authors and supports inclusivity in the literature scene. “I purchased ‘The Prophets’ and ‘Ties that Tether’- both are written by Black authors and focus on struggles that the Black protagonists face. I’m excited to read them soon!” Alyssa ordered from Ivy’s Tea Co., a small company focused on African holistic health remedies. Dustin tagged along on the warm-comforting-beverage train and is looking forward to trying them out. Jill and Anita went the fiery route and are fans of the hand-crafted candles from Love Notes.

Ciara, Betsy, Abby, and Mary believe that “outer beauty leads to inner beauty” and support BLK + GRN, an all natural marketplace by all Black artisans. 

Abby says, “I’ve been trying different ‘natural’ deodorants not including aluminum and haven’t found anything that I like very much, excited to try this!” Betsy chimed in, “I too am on the search for a working, natural deodorant that does not come in plastic. My goal is to stay away from as much plastic as I can. Wellness for the environment = wellness for me.” Mary can be seen with glowing skin now that she’s invested in a green tea mask, and Ciara will sooth sore muscles with a salve from BLK + GRN. 

Take this opportunity to pay attention to where you’re spending your money this month, and for the rest of the year. And remember, supporting Black businesses isn’t only for February!

Do you have a favorite wellness-focused product from a Black or BIPOC-owned business? We’d love to hear about it! Here’s a resource to get yourself started. 

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