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Account Director

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B.S. Mass Communications (Advertising)
St. Cloud State University

Jill is a seasoned account service pro with over a decade of agency experience throughout the Minneapolis area. She loves collaboration and making strong connections—which is why she’s so great at setting her clients up for success! When she’s not tackling projects with the IN team, you can find her testing new recipes, reading great books and laughing with her friends and family.
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“I dropped a green smoothie all over my white pants in the car as I was driving to a client meeting a couple years ago. Never again.”

Dolphin Dreams

Advertising wasn’t Jill’s first career ambition. At an early age, she wanted to be a marine biologist so she could swim with the dolphins all day. Though that career didn’t work out, she still found an animal to spend all day with: her Cockapoo named Benny!

Carry the Weight

Jill practices empathy in everything she does, both personally and professionally. To put it simply, if she were a kitchen item, she’d be an oversized spatula. Why? Because she enjoys lifting up and supporting the people in her life—and she can carry a heavy load of tasks all at once!