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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Tuesday was National Chocolate Chip day so we decided to celebrate with a little IN Food recipe contest. We made three different classic chocolate chip cookie recipes and held a blind tasting to determine the winner.

The Recipe Showdown
1 – Original Nestlé® Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie
2  – Vanilla Pudding Chocolate Chip Cookies
3 – Crisco®’s Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

We knew for a fact that all of these recipes were fantastic, but we had to determine the true champion. It wasn’t as simple as you might think. We thought the Nestlé® recipe was deliciously buttery and saltier than the competitors. It’s dough was lighter in color than the other two and the cookies were crispier. The vanilla pudding cookies were admittedly chocolatey-er than the others because Lori couldn’t resist adding extra chips to her dough. The vanilla flavor seemed to come to life as the cookies cooled. The Crisco® cookies had a very different flavor than the other two because it doesn’t use butter. We were split about whether or not it had a better flavor than butter based recipes, but the cookie definitely seemed richest of the bunch.

We really loved this tasting contest – any excuse to eat freshly baked chocolate chip cookies is fine with this crew! We couldn’t reach a group consensus at the tasting and walked away with out a winner… They were all SO good.

A day after the tasting, however, we noticed that the vanilla pudding cookies had disappeared while the Crisco® and Nestlé® cookies still remained. While we definitely loved all three recipes, it seems the vanilla pudding chocolate chip cookie recipe is the best OR maybe we really love chocolate and like the cookies with the most chips.

You should hold a tasting of your own to determine the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. You can’t go wrong with these great recipes. We’ll leave you with a few quick chocolate chip cookie facts:

-Chocolate chip cookies were created in the 1930s by Ruth Graves Wakefield at her Toll House Inn in Whitman, Mass.
-Approximately one-fourth of all cookies baked in the United States are chocolate chip.
– C is for Cookie! At least that’s what we learned from one of our favorite Sesame Street monsters. Enjoy his classic song below.

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