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Oats to Breakfast

Breakfast really is the best way to start your day. Whether you are making up for a late night and little sleep, jump starting a busy day or relishing a relaxing morning and day ahead – the options and benefits of eating breakfast are endless. In the past few years, one breakfast item in particular has received increasing amounts of attention and appreciation: Oatmeal.

So much attention in fact, it has been labeled the hottest new breakfast trend in 2011! No longer thought of as bland and boring, but satisfying and healthy. Oatmeal’s versatility and nutrition has caught the eye of coffee chains, restaurant owners and moms alike. It’s relatively inexpensive and easy to serve. Starbucks Corp. was the first major fast-food chain to market oatmeal in 2008, shortly followed by Caribou Coffee in 2009 and most recently McDonald’s in late 2010.

Here at IN, we appreciate oatmeal not only for it’s nutritional value and ability to keep us satisfied and focused all morning, but also for the fact that you can easily change it up depending on which ingredients you add. Here are a few of our favorite oatmeal brands, toppings and places to get it on-the-go:

– Better Oats (anything from their whole grain line) with apples, cinnamon and raisins
– Quaker Oats with diced apple, cinnamon and brown sugar
– Maple & Brown Sugar Instant Quaker Oatmeal with chocolate chips
– McCann’s Irish Oatmeal – Steel cut oats with fresh berries and cream

– We adore Hell’s Kitchen, French Meadow and Key’s CafĂ© for their wonderful oatmeal varieties!
– Caribou Coffee has rolled out a few new flavors. We enjoy their Banana Walnut & 7-grain.

What are your favorite oatmeal varieties and combo’s?


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