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Ruiz Foodservice | Consumer Campaign

A Campaign Ignited by Insights

the IN take

We live for unlocking key insights that lead to exciting, impactful campaigns. Sometimes all it takes is one ah-ha moment to really get our creative gears turning, and when that happens, it’s a true joy to watch the work unfold.


While working with Ruiz Foodservice, one such insight led us to ideate and execute a powerful consumer-facing campaign for Tornados® — something they’d never done before. We latched onto how fans of the brand are proud of their affinity for C-store fare, leading us to come up with the notion of #MyKindaFood.


The campaign came to life through various mediums to answer different consumer needs to drive awareness, trial, and repeat sales. The hashtag and messaging also created a way for consumers to share and affirm their love of the brand.


Insights mining

Social media management

Influencer outreach

Creative concepting



Media planning

Consumer campaigns

Data analytics

Social listening

A peek into our process

We compiled our insights and research into a creative vision board to tell the story of how we see the elements coming to life.

Social Savvy

To spin the concept into authentic-feeling content, we shot new, personality-packed videos of consumers enjoying Tornados®. We also hosted a limited-edition swag giveaway on Instagram, leveraging influencer fans to create original content for the @mytornados account.

Leading the Way

Waze ads in our Florida test market directed consumers to Circle K locations near them. Once they arrived, a 10-second spot at the pump encouraged users to go inside to purchase.

Connecting Consumers with Their Cravings

Drawing on digital insights and social listening, we knew consumers’ biggest question was “Where can I buy Tornados®?”. Our marketing mix and micro-site reached consumers at the right time, in the right way, to get them the answers they need.

Resounding Results

Our confidence in the work and the support from our client led to some impressive results. The three-month campaign created:

Social engagement rate
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