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Popular Patios

With warm weather upon us, we asked the IN team to share their favorite outdoor dining spots. It was tough work, but someone had to do it. Read on for our top picks!

MAGGIE ALT-LEWIS | Psycho Suzie’s

A tropical escape in the heart of Minneapolis — it’s so cool! I love the aesthetic, fun drinks and good food. What more could you want?

MITCHELL BRANDT | Galloway Grill (Springfield, MO)

With the greenway trail running alongside the patio, Galloway Grill has just about the best outdoor dining area in Springfield. Their giant, delicious chicken wings and classic, craveable burgers make it our go-to spot for summer dinners.

BETSY DENUCCIO | Saint Paul Brewing

I love the long courtyard backed by the ruins of an old building. It’s filled with eclectic chairs, tables, art, and plants along with different types of bonfires — one made within a canoe! There is so much to take in over beer and delicious pizza.


This is such a fun summer spot to people watch and take in some great lake views. The menu has something for everyone.


It’s such a charming spot and it really gives you European vibes. And of course the food is simply outstanding.

Even amidst the bustling Canal Park, Grandma’s patio offers a haven of tranquility with its spectacular view of Lake Superior and the Aerial Lift Bridge. The occasional freighter passing by only enhances its charm.

DUSTIN SLOWIAK | Bricksworth’s Beer Co.

Their North Loop patio manages to be secluded while still in an urban setting. If you can excuse the occasional train rolling though, it’s a wonderful spot to get a slice.

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