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Sustainable Takeout Trends to Celebrate Earth Day

With takeout being the most popular method of service for many restaurants, single-use containers aren’t going away anytime soon. Foodservice operators are looking for ways to provide dining options while also being eco-conscious. This Earth Day, we’re looking at new ideas that deliver on stellar takeout with our planet in mind. 

We talked to Kim Bartmann of the Bartmann Group, the proprietor of many Twin Cities restaurants like Bread & Pickle, Tiny Diner, and Bryant Lake Bowl.  “Our operations have leaned into using compostables whenever possible, and tried to reduce individual sauce and condiment containers.” As far as trends in sustainable eating and foodservice, she predicts that we’ll be using less plastic and increasing our utilization of more sustainable options like hemp paper products.  

Jill Holter, who works in Restaurant and Market Brand Development for the Food Building in Minneapolis, likes to see operators going compostable wherever possible, and stresses the importance of properly sorting and disposing of trash in restaurant buildings. What trends does she see in her crystal ball? “Less overall packaging, and more locally sourced ingredients.”

Kimberly Hayes, owner and operator of Alpha & Omega Pizza Farm in Princeton, Minnesota, weighs in. When her business wanted to be eco-conscious, they went from all cardboard pizza boxes to washable pie tins for dine in. As for the future, beyond the farm? “I’d like to see more reusable options in play.” 

“Take-away”, “Takeout”, “To-go Dining”, whatever you call it, we know restaurants across the country have had to learn the lingo and keep customers fed, safely. These are just a few ideas from foodservice professionals working to change the business, for the better! 

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