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What light beer is a hop above the rest?

Today is National Beer Day! So, to make sure you have an un-beer-lievable time and enjoy every sip, we tested four of the biggest light beer brands in the country.


1.) Bud Light $19.49 24pk-12oz Cans
2.) Coors Light $19.49 24pk-12oz Cans
3.) Miller Lite  $19.49 24pk-12oz Cans
4.) Michelob Golden Light  $18.99 24pk-12oz Cans

We chose these four brands because they’re the classic, easy-drinking beers that are widely known and loved. To determine which one was the best, we rated each beer on a scale of 1-10 based on taste/after taste, aroma, drinkability and packaging. Note: flights were blindly placed in front of testers to prevent brand biases.


After taking the first sip of each beer, we found them all to be very similar. They each carried a bitter/sour taste but as we sipped further, their nuanced flavors became more apparent. Overall, Michelob Golden Light and Bud Light ranked the highest for taste due to their smoothness and subtle flavor. Miller Lite and Coors Light ranked the lowest as they were thought to have the worst aroma and aftertaste.

Bud Light’s packaging was seen as simple and basic because of the plain blue design and standard font. The mountains on the Coors Light cans make them stand out from the rest, and the fact that they turn blue when they are cold makes it even more impressive.

Miller Lite has traditional and clean packaging and many preferred its font over Bud Light’s, but their logo is not one to remember. One team member noted, “I connect the Miller Lite font to the brand, but not the logo.” Michelob Golden Light had a similar reaction as the packaging was seen as “decent”. Overall, Coors Light ranked 1st for its packaging, followed by Bud Light, Miller Lite, and lastly Michelob Golden Light.


So, what light beer will you find the IN Food crew sipping alongside their bloody mary or on the golf course this summer? Michelob Golden Light followed by Bud Light!

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