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What pancake syrup tops the stack?

Pancakes, waffles, French toast… who doesn’t love the favorites that we deem “breakfast” to start their day? And one factor can make or break these delicacies: syrup! That’s why our team set out to sample some popular national brands to let you know our top pick for your next pancake stack.

The Candidates:

1.) Log Cabin ($3.99) Buy
2.) Pearl Milling Company – not ringing a bell? Click Here ($4.29) Buy
3.) Hungry Jack ($4.29) Buy
4.) Mrs. Butterworth’s ($3.79) Buy

Our brand test was judged with the consideration of 3 overriding categories; package design, price, and taste/consistency. We were blindly given samples to rate our favorite syrups on a scale from 1 – 4.


In terms of the packaging, our team discovered that many were initially drawn to Log Cabin and Mrs. Butterworth’s, both of which have uniquely shaped bottles that correlate with their brands. Hungry Jack, displaying the perks of a convenient microwaveable bottle, was determined to be more modern, yet a bit clunky regarding label design. Lastly, Pearl Milling Company, after undergoing a much-needed rebrand, uses a more straightforward label with a logo reflecting their milling history.

All things considered, our team determined Log Cabin to be the most appealing in design, with its brand identity being very cozy, warm and comforting – all of which align with the feeling you get from a tasty stack of pancakes!


Several of us were surprised by the drastic difference of each syrup’s taste. Although not everyone agreed on preference, the majority settled on the distinction of their flavors. Log Cabin and Pearl Milling Company, being very similar in consistency, had a bit of a difference in flavor with many people determining that Log Cabin had a more buttery-smooth taste. Hungry Jack had a difference in consistency, as it was a bit darker and thicker than the rest, with a deeper maple flavor and sweeter after-taste. Mrs. Butterworth’s had the least popular vote, by far, having an overwhelming molasses flavor that a few loved, but others considered to taste more artificial.

By vote, Log Cabin was determined to be the best in flavor, with Hungry Jack as a close second, Pearl Milling Company coming in third, and Mrs. Butterworth’s in last place.

Overall, Log Cabin has our vote for best syrup in terms of flavor and design aesthetic, as well as cost! But don’t just take our word for it… get out there and try it with your breakfast!

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