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Roundup: Our Staff’s Favorite Breweries

As a wise Saint Patrick once said, “cheers to beers.” We’re celebrating this Irish holiday by giving some love to our favorite local taprooms. 

We asked our staff  to name their favorite place to grab a brew in the Twin Cities, and here’s what they said. Betsy loves the midwest style and swagger at Indeed , while Ciara prefers the downtown backdrop when she sips a brew at Headflyer. Dustin tries not to get too wild at Wild Minds Brewery and Maggie is a fan of the tradition and taps at Bunny’s but she isn’t picky and appreciates the variety of breweries to visit in the Twin Cities. 

We asked our staff: “Would you rather: authentic irish pub or hip local brewery?” Looks like The Emerald Isle will need to stay in second place this year because everyone polled would rather go local. 

Now, if you’re spending your St. Patrick’s day inside this year, there are still many options for getting food to-go. Plus, you’ll need some carbs to soak up that stout. Which local brewery does our staff love to snack at? 

Food trucks are still the stars of the show at many of our favorite spots. Maggie and  Betsy bonded over their mutual love of the Parlour truck, and Ciara is a fan of Pryes. “Their guest kitchen Cason Italian Eatery is delightful!” Dustin thinks back to his time living in Lauderdale, and loved when the Northbound food truck came to Insight Brewery.

Where’s your favorite spot to grab a brew in the Twin Cities? 

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