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AB & J, anyone?

Who knew that peanut allergies were on the rise by 21%? Our copywriter, Caroline, for one. Like many others in the world, she is a victim of severe peanut allergies.

So, in her honor (and the fact that we don’t want to rush her to the E.R. anytime soon) grab a hunk of toast—we’re seeking out which almond butter is the best.

The Contenders

Each almond butter was critiqued with texture and flavor in mind.

The Breakdown


Once Again

This nut butter runs a little thinner and grainier compared to the others. It’s a bit oily (which could be good or bad depending on your preference) and isn’t too bland or too sweet.



Smooth and sticky, Justin’s nut butter is on the thicker side of which we sampled. Its flavor was more muted and roasted. Compared to the Grind Your Own almond butter it was creamier, but blander.

“Tastes like sawdust.” -Drew, a loyal peanut butter fan.



Maranatha almond butter was the smoothest of the nut butters and packed a hearty flavor and good balance of nuttiness. However, it was also the sweetest of the nut butters—so depending on your current jive with sugar, this may or may not be the best for you.

Note: it wasn’t too sweet, it just happened to taste the sweetest in comparison.


Grind Your Own

Grinding your own almond butter could be a fun addition to your grocery routine. The result is a smooth and creamy butter with a less prominent nutty flavor (despite knowing for sure how many nuts are in there). This butter was also lighter in color than the others.

“I like peanut butter more.” -Betsy, another loyal peanut butter fan.

What’s the verdict?

If we had to pick one, it would be Maranatha. But, in all honesty, there weren’t enough discrepancies between flavor and texture to have a true winner amongst the almond butters. If our reviews don’t make you feel particularly inclined to buy one, we recommend purchasing based on price at your local grocer!

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