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Content Strategist & Copywriter

B.A. English and Cello Performance
University of Wisconsin – Madison

A natural-born wordsmith, writing is the kind of thinking Caroline’s brain is built to do. Her passion for clever turns of phrase and pithy taglines, coupled with a life-long love of food, makes working at IN Food a “perfect pairing” of interests. She finds food and dining fascinating: the way food is grown, the way it’s prepared, consumed and presented—not to mention the myriad ways in which it reflects culture, creativity and connection. Caroline brings quick wit, curiosity, drive and a meticulous red pen to the IN Food office.

Hitting the Right Note

Caroline is trained as a classical cellist, having studied the instrument for over 13 years and at the conservatory level in college. Currently, she plays in area chamber ensembles to get her classical music ‘fix’.

Pass the Salt, Please

Not really one for sweets, she’s a savory kind of gal with a weakness for deliciously salty, crunchy snacks.

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