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Emily Erickson promoted to Account Executive

IN Food Marketing & Design believes strongly in supporting, advancing and investing in our best and brightest. Put two and two together and you’ve likely already figured out why Emily Erickson was recently promoted to Account Executive at this Minneapolis-based communications agency. No, she’s not a good employee, account person or strategic thinker—she’s an excellent one.

Emily works tirelessly to ensure clients’ needs are not only met, but far surpassed and she does it with contagious excitement and enthusiasm. She is a quick thinker, adept at building, nurturing and maintaining relationships and helping foodservice companies connect with their target audiences.

IN Food Clients rest easy knowing they are in Emily’s capable hands, she worked as a Marketing Specialist at B2B e-commerce company Four51 before joining IN Food in January 2017. Emily’s personal interest in cooking, ordering and devouring mouthwatering food comes in handy here at IN. Emily’s clients include General Mills, T. Marzetti Foodservice, WholeMe, Burnett Dairy Cooperative and Pizzey Ingredients.

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