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Food packaging we love.

What takes food packaging from good to great? It’s so much more than beautiful graphics, typography and photography. Great food packaging tells a story from the shelf that evokes an emotional response from buyers. Here are three examples that do just that:

Potter’s Crackers: The beauty of this packaging is in its simplicity. Less can truly be more when it comes to telling the story of the food. The illustration of the state of Wisconsin, paired with the descriptor immediately screams “local.” The use of craft paper conveys the artisan nature of the crackers, and the product can be easily seen through the window. Paired with the minimalistic graphics, the food itself is the hero of the package.

Kettle® Brand Potato Chips: Is there a more demonized snack food on the planet than potato chips? This packaging barely even uses that descriptor – you have to look hard to find it at the bottom. Instead, the hierarchy focuses on the main ingredient: real sliced potatoes. Paired with the tagline “Real food. Natural ingredients.”, a person almost feels judicious purchasing this brand of potato chips.

Tiny but Mighty Popcorn: With slightly whimsical branding, this is a package that doesn’t take itself too seriously. But with the choice of words, color and imagery, it immediately tells a story: It’s from a farmer named Gene in Iowa, and it’s an ancient heirloom variety of popcorn — connecting to consumers’ desire to understand the origins of their food. The illustrations of corn further reinforce the real food aspect of the product.

Which food packaging has stood out you? We’d love to hear about it. And if you need help with your next packaging initiative, contact


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