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Candy We Hate

IN Food Marketing & Design loves candy! We eat a fair amount of chocolate, Riesens, Australian licorice and other goodies at work. A sweet treat makes any meeting more fun because, well, candy is so yummy!
Except for when it’s not. Let’s face it, not all candy was created equal. In fact, some candy is so awful we’re not sure why they still make it.

Sarah – Good & Plenty
Black licorice is gross. Good & Plenty is the worst form of this black licorice because it tricks unassuming people with friendly pink and white disguises. Like the stranger in a van who offers you sweets, children should be taught to avoid this sinister bonbon.

Beth – Sweethearts & Whoppers

Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like chalky little hearts that dry out your mouth. If you buy these for me on Valentine’s Day, I’ll probably love you less, not more. The only candy I like less is Whoppers. Their malty insides make me cringe like nails on a chalkboard.

Leah – Circus Peanuts 
Why would anyone want to eat a circus peanut? They’re squishy and stale (who knew that was possible?!) Plus the artificial banana flavor doesn’t quite match up with the toxic orange coloring. Real peanuts are much tastier.

Lori – Candy Corn
Always the last candy consumed after Halloween, I can’t help but think that candy corn has a permanent staleness to it. Waxy, artificial and boring, I’m not sure why these continue to be served year after year. You won’t find them at my house!

Betsy – Fruit-flavored candies
Fruity candy is disgusting. The three worst offenders are Skittles, Starburst and Dots. The “fruit” flavors taste bad, nothing like what you find in nature. Don’t ever ask me to taste the rainbow! Skittles and Starburst leave an awful fruity juice in the back of your throat that won’t go away. Plus, Dots always get stuck in your teeth so you spend more time flossing than enjoying.

 Some candy just isn’t worth eating. What candy do you hate?

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