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State Fair Mania…On-a-Stick

This is the time of year for foodies to rejoice…the Minnesota State Fair is finally upon us! Starting now through Labor Day, people from across the Midwest gather to eat and…well, eat. This year I am especially looking forward to taste testing my way through the fair now that I have a venue to showcase my opinions.  Calories don’t count when it’s in the name of blogging, right?

While the Iowa State Fair’s deep-fried butter on a stick is missing from the list (thankfully), you’ll still undoubtedly reach your calorie max at this year’s Minnesota State Fair, featuring 16 new food items – six of them on a stick. Here are a few that especially caught my eye:

  • Carnitas Asian Fusion Tacos (pork carnitas served on a flour or spinach tortilla topped with cabbage and a mixture of cucumber, jalapeno and red pepper, and topped with Asian sauces)
  • Chocolate-covered jalapeno peppers on-a-stick
  • Crab fritters (crab meat, Caribbean herbs and spices with veggies, deep-fried into a fritter, served with southwest dipping sauce)
  • Sweet corn ice cream (cream-based ice cream blended with sweet kernels and served in a waffle cone with a choice of wild blueberry or caramel bacon topping) – Can’t decide if this sounds good or gross…definitely intrigued.

Click here to see all of this year’s new food options.

And not to be forgotten…here are some of the IN crew’s tried and true favorites:

  • Australian potatoes
  • Cheese curds – “Deep-fried cheese, yes please!”
  • Garlic fries
  • Mac n’ cheese balls from Axel’s – “Hands down!”
  • Pronto pup – “So crazy because I don’t eat hot dogs, but LOVE them!”
  • Sweet Martha’s cookies – “One large bucket…at the very least.”

For a complete list of eats and things to do at this year’s fair, visit

Be sure to check back over the next couple of weeks as we report back on what we think is “IN or OUT” and let us know what you try. Minnesotans, let the eating commence!

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