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Overwhelmed by Options

I was an epic food fail at the State Fair this year. One who has been there might ask, how is that even possible? Well, in all fairness it was my first real venture to the Great MN Get Together and basically I choked. So many options and selections and only so much room, I wanted to make sure I chose wisely. Too much indecisiveness and the pressure of running out of time, and I made the impulse purchase of…french fries. Pretty boring, but being the fry fanatic that I am and seeing the claim “world’s best” I had to give it a go. End result being…pretty darn good, but no world’s best. Moments later I walked by the garlic fries booth and regretted my purchase. Since then I have heard about the endless other possibilities that sound much more exciting than plain old french fries, but lucky for you there are a few others here who know how to do it up at the fair and will not disappoint. Keep checking back for their reviews, so you don’t make the mistakes that I did.

State Fair Lesson #1: Plan ahead! Figure out what sounds good and map it out.

State Fair Lesson #2: Go for more than 2 hours before a concert. That is not nearly enough time.

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