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Bring on the Gluttony!

This year, I went into the fair very prepared. I created a list of new foods, as well as my annual go-tos and printed out eight copies to impress my friends with my preparedness. I think we did a great job on the must-haves, but could have used some improvement on the newbies list.

For the past four years, mac n’ cheese on-a-stick has been by far my favorite. It still is my favorite non-sweet food. However, the new fried cookie dough may have won me over, and I am not a sweets person! I could only handle a few bites with its richness, but oh boy, it was delicious! Although it got bad reviews, I’m glad I didn’t take their word, because I had to get it twice this past weekend – it was so mouth watering.

The fried pickles were old news at the fair this year, but were new for me. I thought those were a hit, but took way too long to cool down to even enjoy the taste. They scorch your mouth, with the ooey gooey cream cheese shooting out. But still a great one to try.

I did enjoy the new things, but I must say I love going back to the beloved cheese curds (from the Mouth Trap, of course) and the Pronto Pup as well. It’s great my favorite time of the year is here, but I think twice in one weekend is enough for me­ – I’m still trying to get rid of my food baby. It was a success in gluttony again this year!

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