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Food Connections

Last Wednesday a few of us from IN attended this summer’s Food Connections meeting, held at the exquisite home of Claudia Sutherland, owner of When The Mood Is Food.

The inspiring, welcoming and invigorating space she has created was the perfect setting for engaging conversation and networking. From the wood burning oven, to the conservatory brought over from England, to the open air porch turned screened in porch, Claudia has woven in artifacts from her travels and embodied a style that is refreshing, comforting and enriching.

And the food – oh the food! The homemade pizzas out of the wood burning oven, fresh fruits, cheeses, meats and crackers, caprese kabobs and desserts were all perfection, leaving you wanting more. There were new and familiar faces – brought together to talk about, experience and appreciate food.

Food Connections

Anita Nelson, owner of IN Food Marketing & Design, launched Food Connections in 2005. The concept is simple yet powerful: Form a dynamic group of Twin Cities’ food professionals to share information, exchange knowledge and create trusted strategic partnerships.

How it works:
At each meeting, one member gets the opportunity to “spotlight” their business. Other members can do a quick overview of their capabilities and success stories. We also hold roundtable discussions on relevant trends and topics.

The when and where of it:
The group meets approximately four times per year – either at a member’s business, or at a local restaurant (one with an interesting menu – we’re “foodies” after all!) There’s no cost to participate, just a genuine desire to connect with other professionals serving the food industry.

For more information, please contact Anita Nelson at 612.353.3410.

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