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Hats off to the lunch ladies!

If there’s one job I don’t envy, it’s that of a school foodservice director. Talk about challenging: your government funding is based on how many lunches you serve, which means your budget directly correlates to serving meals kids will eat. Plus, due to the childhood obesity epidemic, there’s a very real need to offer healthier meal options – not an easy task on a shoestring budget.

That’s why I applaud the efforts school foodservice directors are making. According to the SNA’s Back to School Trends Survey released last August, despite increasing costs, schools are rising to the challenge. Consider these stats:

–       95% of schools districts are increasing offerings of whole grain products

–       90.5% are increasing availability of fresh fruits/vegetables

–       69% of districts are reducing or eliminating sodium in foods

–       66% of districts are reducing or limiting added sugar

–       51% of districts are increasing vegetarian options

Of course, we still have a long ways to go to win this battle, but I think we can rest a little easier knowing schools are taking this issue seriously.

What changes have you seen on your kids’ school lunch menus? Do you agree that schools are doing their part to make meals healthier?

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