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Seeking pleasure this weekend? Grab a box of Magnum!

Sounds a little racy for ice cream, but hey, it works me! I had no awareness of Magnum Ice Cream until their intriguing commercial lured me in last week. Enough to prompt an online search. And there they were, pages of links referring to Magnum hand-held ice cream treats that proudly boasted a 20-year European history and tantalizing reviews.  I have to admit, the name threw me off a bit as did the “cute” heart-shaped logo mark… but overall, the sophisticated package design (with rounded box corners) and creative advertising campaign (directed by fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld) gave me the sense that this was a product to try!

And try, we did: Classic, Double Caramel and Double Chocolate.

As it turns out, they were all quite pleasurable! My personal favorite – the Classic,  smooth vanilla bean ice cream (not-too-sweet and perfectly balanced), encased in creamy Belgium milk chocolate – exceptional quality throughout.
P.S. The classy signature “M” seal, molded into the chocolate – nice touch!

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