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Holiday Indulgence

‘Tis the seasonings for… numerous test batches, multiple recipes and a few expletives before finally creating the perfect batch of sea salt caramels. Caramels have a reputation for being tricky, but when we came up with this year’s holiday gift we thought, “how difficult could it be?” Turns out, very difficult. After much experimentation and frustration we finally discovered the secret – it all comes down to temperature. Of course we aren’t going to share the magic number, but the many jars of caramel sauce in our refrigerator are proof what a difference a degree or two can make.

The hundreds of caramels we individually wrapped were truly a labor of love. Our clients allow us to pour all our creativity and energy into their products, services and companies and we couldn’t be more appreciative! This holiday season we wanted to create a gift that gives our clients a minute or two away from the all the chaos – a minute or two of pure indulgence (of the sweet & salty kind!) What are a few burns and blisters when the final product is such a delicious masterpiece?

Different varieties of sea salt have been a hot trend in the food industry the past couple of years, and we wanted to incorporate it in this year’s gift. We included two varieties – Himalayan (a pink, small grain salt) and Pure Atlantic (a white, medium grain salt). Both salts are a brilliant addition to enhance your day-to-day favorites.

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Adding a little Himalayan salt to the caramels created the perfect balance of sweet & salty. The melt-in-your-mouth goodness is something we hope our clients enjoy well into the new year.

Happy Holidays from IN Food Marketing & Design!

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