Finance / Bookkeeper

Lori Payne

Bachelor of Science,
Human Nutrition & Dietetics
Colorado State University

As the bookkeeper at IN Food, Lori tracks, transacts and reconciles all things financial. She loves the details, organization and orchestrating processes that contribute to the greater good. We’re so excited for all the ways she helps things moving smoothly.
Lori Payne

“I’m a fan of all foods, fresh and colorful from the garden. My favorite sweet treat is luscious summer strawberries with homemade angel food cake!”

A Life Chasing Adventures

Although raised in Minnesota, Lori moved to Colorado to ski and attend college, followed by career adventures in Cupertino, CA, and Seattle, WA., which was home for 21 years — except for 2011 when she spent a year abroad in Prague. She now enjoys her life as an empty nester in Saint Paul.

Keeping Up with the Times

Bookkeeping might seem to have limitations on creativity, but keeping up with advancing technologies, constant learning and adaptation helps Lori stay current with this dynamic field.