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Account / Social Media Coordinator

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B.A. Marketing
Minor: Strategic Communications
Hamline University

Kelsey is our food-obsessed account intern who assists on a variety of campaigns. She founded the Marketing Club at Hamline University and has her finger on the pulse of all kinds of market trends and incoming consumer habits. “I love the idea of working in a career that allows me to be creative but also analytical.”
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“I put cheese in almost every dish. It’s BRIElliant!”

Five second rule?

Kelsey is a quesadilla connoisseur—but has had a number of quesadilla casualties. “I would always make them in my early college years, but I would flip them in a pan to the beat of the Macarena and they would fall on the floor.”

Whisk me away

If she could be a kitchen utensil, Kelsey would be a whisk because she enjoys mixing things up and trying new things.