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Lori Payne

Finance / Bookkeeper


As the bookkeeper at IN Food, Lori is our go-to for all things financial. She loves the details, organization, and orchestrating processes that contribute to the greater good. When she’s not keeping us on track, she’s out on the trails working on her goal to visit ALL of Minnesota’s state parks. Like her hiking companions, we’d be lost without her.

I’m a fan of all foods, fresh and colorful from the garden. My favorite sweet treat is luscious summer strawberries with homemade angel food cake!

Foodservice Factoid

At a young age Lori helped her dad with his hobby as an apiarist, i.e., beekeeper. As his production grew, it was all-hands-on deck for her and her siblings. They would check the hives, spin frames during extraction, label jars, and stock their roadside honey stand in rural Minnesota. It was a fun (and sticky!) early education in food science, which Lori pursued further in college.

Secret Sauce

Lori’s sharp eye for the details brings efficiency and better processes for the inner workings of business operations at IN.

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