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Gwen Nash

Graphic Designer

Minor in Product Design
University of Minnesota

Gwen has a unique eye for shape and color and is definitely not afraid to experiment. Because of her love of doodling when she was younger, she thought a career as a tattoo artist might be her calling. Lucky for our clients and us, she’s now an invaluable part of the IN team, sharing her curiosity, enthusiasm, and creativity daily.

If I could have a super power, I’d want the ability to understand and speak every language. That would make it so easy to connect with anyone, anywhere.

Foodservice Factoid

Gwen’s foray into foodservice overlapped nicely with her graphic design skills. She helped create menus and signage for local restaurants and liquor stores as well as advertisements for major spirits brands.

Secret Sauce

Gwen’s attention to detail and desire to understand the full picture make for thoughtful, well-rounded creative execution.

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