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Dustin Slowiak

Project Manager


Dustin is the kind of person who can commit a million details to memory and stay cool under hot deadlines. He rallies the team daily with his status updates that always begin with a joke (their level of hilarity varies wildly). When it comes to opening jobs, building timelines, and tracking milestones, Dustin’s our guy. Thanks to him, things stay moving and the lights stay on!

Anything made on the grill is usually a good bet.

Foodservice Factoid

Dustin worked at a Kwik Trip in college where they served up all kinds of delicacies. His customer service skills made his branch one of the most popular food spots in Hudson, Wisconsin.

Secret Sauce

Not only can he actually juggle, but Dustin also nimbly juggles project details and deadlines across all client needs and schedules, ensuring no deliverable is missed.

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