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Beth Lube

Account Director


Beth started her career at IN Food back in 2011. She then moved to Chicago where she worked for a few other B2B agencies with clients in industries ranging from food science to dentistry to motion engineering. Beth rejoined us back in 2022 and we’re thrilled to share in her dedication, leadership, humor, and passion once again.

When I discover a new interest, it becomes an obsession. My current obsessions: baking for eight hours on Sundays, putting goat cheese on everything, and watching Survivor reruns.

Foodservice Factoid

Beth worked in the foodservice industry for about 7 years at various restaurants in the Twin Cities, including a tequila bar they offered around 150 different options… nearly all of which she happily sampled.

Secret Sauce

Beth is a big picture thinker who brings both expert strategy and a sharp creative eye to help translate client needs into successful campaigns.

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