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Ken Davis | Package Redesign

Taking a Classic Brand Back to Its Roots

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Successful package designs communicate many different pieces of information quickly. Shoppers are busy and make decisions fast, so every element on a label must work hard to grab attention while also highlighting benefits and differentiators.


With a history dating back over 50 years, the Ken Davis brand had a strong heritage, but its packaging had moved away from the iconic image of its namesake founder.


We redesigned it to capture the essence of the original label, but with a fresh, modernized retro look that would stand out on shelf. We also gave additional prominence to its key benefit of “no corn syrup”.


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A Fresh Look for an Iconic Brand

In our pursuit to revitalize Ken Davis BBQ Sauce, we meticulously reimagined the labels, aiming to encapsulate the timeless essence of the original while infusing it with contemporary flair. The result is an attractive and modernized retro aesthetic that not only pays homage to the brand’s heritage but also ensures it stands out vibrantly on the shelf.

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