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Foodservice Manufacturer | Animated Video Series

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the IN take

When a longstanding client came to us to help promote all the benefits of their K-12 cereal cups, we knew we wanted to craft something unique and memorable, but budget, asset, and timing restraints loomed large. Our fresh thinking and creativity allowed us to make a lot with just a little.


Our client introduced a line of 2 oz. equivalent grain cereal cups that offered a wide variety of benefits to operators: they’re regulation-ready, easy to serve, and the cups can be repurposed in fun, creative ways. While they loved our idea to create a video series, their photography options were limited and there wasn’t any video footage to work with.


To drive operator awareness, we created an engaging, animated video series that we leveraged across social and digital media placements. We really leaned into combining the product renderings and available photography with engaging illustrations to tell the unique stories.


K-12 Promotion / Planning




Video editing

Five videos, all the benefits

Each installment focused on a different product benefit and used fun, playful animations to illustrate all the upsides of 2 oz. equivalent grain cereal cups.

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