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Dry January Delights: Non-Alcoholic Beverages — Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em

As the new year rolls in with its resolutions and challenges, many of us are embracing the sober-curious movement by participating in “Dry January.” It’s a month dedicated to abstaining from alcohol, but that doesn’t mean we’re not enjoying some good mocktails. Our agency put a variety of non-alcoholic (NA) options to the test. Our mission? To provide you with the best-of-the-best NA choices to quench your thirst during this dry spell. Here’s the rundown:

MISSION: Find the tastiest non-alcoholic beverages for Dry January
DESTINATION: The NA shelves of your local stores
TARGET: A selection of NA wines, beers, and mocktails
TASK: Taste and give each beverage a “Love It” (worth your fridge space), “Leave It” (not our cup of tea), or “Meh” (indifferent), and then rank them based on our team’s feedback.


Be Free White Sparkling
Love It

Somewhat of a crowd-pleaser, this sparkling alternative bubbled its way into some hearts with its lively flavors and fizz that delight the moscato-inclined among us. However, others found this bubbly white to be a bit too sweet.

Fre Merlot Wine
Leave It

This non-alcoholic Merlot struggled to win us over. Though some found its aroma inviting, its overall reception was less than enthusiastic.

Budweiser Zero
Leave It

This brew aimed for the real beer experience but fell short for most of our team who found it lacking in depth and a tad watered down.

Samuel Adams Just the Haze IPA
Love It

A unanimous “LOVE IT!”, Samuel Adams impressed even those on our panel who don’t typically reach for an IPA, earning its spot at the top. Our crew was especially impressed with this mock-IPA’s ability to provide a non-alcoholic beverage without sacrificing taste.

Gruvi Golden Lager
Love It

This one split the room, but still came out with more fans than critics. It was noted for its lightness and resemblance to a traditional beer, while others claimed it failed to impress.

Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher
Love It

This hoppy beverage was a fan-favorite due to its refreshing and unique taste profile. It may not mimic beer to the tee, but it offered a delightful zing that our team enjoyed.

Fauxmosa Orange with Turmeric
Love It

Divisive yet intriguing, this beverage captured our curiosity with its blend of sweetness and the distinctive edge of turmeric. While some of us enjoyed its complex flavor profile, others found it to be a bit on the sweet side.

Beckett’s Gin and Tonic
Leave It

Our team was torn on this G&T, ultimately leaning towards leaving it behind due to its bitter taste and lack of depth.

Beckett’s Lime Margarita
Love It

This mock margarita brought a refreshing twist that many of us appreciated, especially those looking for a sweet, lime-infused sip without the alcohol.

Spiritless Old Fashioned
Leave It

This rendition of a more traditional cocktail didn’t quite capture the essence we were hoping for with many finding it overly sweet and straying from the classic profile of your everyday Old Fashioned.

In Summary

This NA tasting mission had its ups and downs. While the Samuel Adams Just the Haze IPA and the Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher were clear winners, the Spiritless Old Fashioned didn’t quite charm us. But tastes are subjective, and we invite you to take your own sober sip through these NA options. Agree, disagree, or have another favorite? Join the conversation and let us know!

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