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Frozen Apple Pie Brand Test

Nothing beats the taste of a freshly baked apple pie, but let’s face it, we don’t always have the time or skills to make one from scratch. Thankfully, the frozen food section has our back with a wide variety of options to choose from.

In this brand test, we’ll be reviewing three popular brands of frozen apple pie: Marie Callender’s, Sara Lee, and The Village PieMaker. We selected these brands based on their brand recognition, store availability, and perceived quality.

The brand test is conducted by administering a blind taste test of the product, reviewing the packaging of each product, and then selecting our favorite based on visual appeal, texture, and flavor.


First up, we have Marie Callender’s. This brand is well-known for its delicious pies, and its frozen apple pie is no exception. The pie boasts a golden-brown crust and a filling loaded with juicy apples and spices. Marie Callender’s packaging features an enticing photo of the pie with a slice removed, showing the filling in all its apple cinnamon-y glory.

Price: $9.99 (Hy-Vee)
Price per ounce: $0.23

Next on the list is Sara Lee. While this brand may be more known for baked goods, their frozen apple pie definitely holds its own. The pie has a lighter-colored crust but maintains a flaky texture. The filling has a milder flavor profile but plenty of apple goodness. Sara Lee’s packaging features an image of a slice of pie accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream, making it hard to resist.

Price: $8.99 (Hy-Vee)
Price per ounce: $0.26

Last but not least, we have The Village PieMaker. This brand may be lesser known, but it should not be underestimated. The pie has a thicker, flakier crust that gives it an authentic feel. The Village PieMaker’s packaging chose to let their pie do the talking, showing the finished product itself in an open-window display surrounded by cardboard packaging that touts its homemade appeal.

Price: $19.99 (Whole Foods)
Price per ounce: $0.42


After conducting the blind taste test and reviewing the packaging, we’ve come up with the following results:

Visual Appeal: All three brands have their own unique charm when it comes to packaging. A few testers were partial to Village Piemaker’s minimalist design and homemade appearance. The vote was close, but Marie Callender’s won with its mouth-watering imagery. Although the lattice work did make it difficult to compare apples-to-apples (pun definitely intended).

Texture: Sara Lee’s pie had a firmer crust, while The Village PieMaker’s had a thicker, flakier crust. Marie Callender’s crust was flaky and crispy on the outside, while still being soft and buttery on the inside. Overall, this vote went to The Village PieMaker despite an oven-hot debate.

Flavor: This is where the oven mitts came off. Nearly half of our testers voted for The Village PieMaker’s pie as their favorite, stating that its flakey crust and homemade taste influenced their decisions. The other half were eager supporters of Sara Lee’s pie, citing its firmer crust and balanced flavor. One taster was a staunch supporter of Marie Callender’s, who could not be swayed by the other factions.


We rarely have a brand test as polarizing as this one. Overall, all three brands of frozen apple pie were delicious in their own way, and any would make an excellent addition to the dessert table at a family function. However, based on our blind taste test and review of packaging, this is how the pie crust crumbled: Sara Lee squeaked out a victory on the flavor, but received last place in packaging. The Village PieMaker came in at a very close second in flavor and packaging despite its much higher price point. Marie Callender’s pie was third place for flavor, and first in packaging.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a quick and easy dessert, frozen apple pie is a great option. Give these three brands a try and see which one is your favorite!

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