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A Saucy Review of BBQ

Last week our team got together to test three of the biggest barbecue sauce brands in the country. Keep reading to see which brand took the #1 spot — the results are pretty saucy.

The Candidates

1. Sweet Baby Ray’s Original – $1.99 18 oz.

2. KC Masterpiece Original – $1.50 18 oz.

3. Famous Dave’s Original – $3.19 20 oz.

We chose these three brands because they are the classic, well-known barbecue sauces that everyone loves. We determined which one was the best based on taste/after taste, color, and consistency. Note: To prevent brand biases, the sauces were poured into unmarked bowls and placed in front of testers.


First, we analyzed the color and consistency of all three sauces. KC Masterpiece was the darkest and thickest out of all three. Famous Dave’s had the thinnest consistency, putting Sweet Baby Ray’s right in the middle. Next, we began the taste test, and found differences and similarities between all sauces. They each contained that tangy smoky flavor, some more than others, but as we continued tasting we started noticing some slight differences.

We distinguished multiple different flavors within each sauce that stood out from the others. Famous Dave’s was described as vinegary and tangy with a hint of smoky flavor. KC Masterpiece was voted as the most smoky and robust. Sweet Baby Ray’s was voted as the sweetest and tangiest out of all three sauces. Most argued that Sweet Baby Ray’s had the perfect consistency as well.

Overall, Sweet Baby Ray’s came out on top due to its sweet, tangy taste and smooth consistency. Famous Dave’s placed second, and KC Masterpiece came in third. Although they were all great competitors, Famous Dave’s and KC Masterpiece barbecue sauces lacked in both taste and texture, which is why they came behind Sweet Baby Ray’s.

Agency Favorite

And the number spot goes to Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce! Have you tried these barbecue sauces? Which one was your favorite? Tell us below in the comments.

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