May 27, 2020

IN Food Takeout Roundup

Even though we can’t spend hours chatting at our favorite table, we’re still supporting the Twin Cities food scene by ordering our favorite meals to-go. Plenty of IN Fooders go by the “phones eat first” policy, so we’ve got a whole bunch of tasty meal snapshots from the past few weeks. Check out some of our favorites:

World Street Kitchen:

Since 2012, WSK has been serving up global flavors in street-food form. And their masterpiece is the Yum Yum Rice Bowl—available in gluten-free and vegan options! Another must-have is their Turk Hummus (will you ever eat hummus without roasted chickpeas again?).

2743 Lyndale Avenue S


Before the sushi burrito entered our lives, we thought there was no way to improve the California Roll. But if you want to enjoy all that sushi goodness while walking around a lake, the burrito version from SotaRol might just be your perfect food.

50th & France: 5005 Ewing Ave S

Uptown: 2935 Girard Ave S

Eagan: 2000 Rahncliff Court

French Meadow Bakery & Café:

Picture this, you have to order food for an eclectic room full of eaters—the plant-based buddy; the burger aficionado; the picky one who only wants to eat pancakes. Where do you order takeout? The answer is French Meadow. Their sprawling menu has you covered from breakfast through that after-dinner dessert treat.

Uptown | St. Paul

Crisp & Green:

With one located just a few short steps from the office, Crisp & Green is a go-to lunch spot for just about everyone at IN Food. If your social distancing diet has featured a few too many frozen pizzas, a salad from C&G will fix you right up.

Isles Bun & Coffee:

Never been to Isles of Bun? Walk in and say these three words: Puppy Dog Tails. Thank us later.

P.S. – If you go on a weekend morning, bring your Nintendo Switch—you’re gonna be in line awhile.

1424 West 28th Street

Need a few other recommendations? Here’s a short list of other favorites. Which of your Twin Cities spots should we add?

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