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3 Tips for Serving Fresh Foodservice Content

With new social channels popping up everywhere you turn, it’s never been more important to offer relevant content. Operators want to feel connected to brands and expect to see what’s fresh and trending. Keeping up with this expectation is a challenge for many companies. Any touchpoints with outdated imagery can brand them as out of touch or irrelevant, making routine updates crucial. Thankfully, with a little bit of planning on the front end, some of the most engaging types of content are fairly easy to create. Here are 3 ways to freshen up your photo and video library.

  1. Real-time shareable content.

Real-time content offers operators an informal look at your company and its personality. Think playful Boomerang videos from behind the scenes of a photoshoot or snapshots of your sales team at a trade show. These don’t need to be captured by a professional photographer, but teaming up with an agency for content scheduling and shooting tips will take most of the burden off of you.

  1. New product uses and recipes.

Sharing innovative product uses or trend-inspired recipes is a great way to make your company relevant. Think drool-worthy photography that re-introduces a classic product in a new way. Or maybe you’ve got a 15-year-old recipe with hundreds of 5-star reviews. Having a shiny new photo to tout on your social platforms will give it new life. Though more planning is often required for this photography, its use is virtually limitless from print to web to social.

  1. How-to instructional videos.

Quick how-to videos have grown in popularity over the last 5 years and have great stopping power. Think short Tasty-style videos that demo a recipe or showcase product versatility. Even a more straightforward video for how to use a new product adds value and interactivity to your website’s product page. The goal here is to build up a branded video series over time that compels operators to keep coming back for more.

Want to freshen up your photo or video library? We’d love to help. Reach out to Anita Nelson at or 612-353-3410 to chat.


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