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Which Prosecco Should You Raise a Glass With?

Prosecco is often overlooked. It’s a sparkling wine, but it’s not Champagne. In fact, their differences spark a heated debate in the wine industry. You can learn more about that all in this article by Wine Folly. For the purpose of this brand test, we wanted to determine our favorite Prosecco from a few options we bought at our neighborhood North Loop Wine & Spirits.

The Brands:

Note: All brands were extra dry and priced at $14-17/bottle. We tested on flavor, bubbles and packaging.

“I like them all.” – Alyssa

The Breakdown:

Prima Perla:

Maggie thought it was quite bubbly and Sam was not a fan of the aftertaste. Some thought it tasted tart, others found the flavor to be muted. Overall, reviews were all over the board for the flavor of this Prosecco. What we did agree upon, however, was that this was our least favorite packaging. While the bubbles on the packaging are unique, we thought it was poorly executed and tacky-looking. This is not a product any of us would initially grab off the shelf due to its packaging.


The Torresella Prosecco has a mild flavor. When poured, it appears to have the most bubbles. Dustin ranked this one as his second favorite. Their packaging is what you’d expect for a wine. It’s nothing special, but we do appreciate the pop of blue throughout. All in all, we’d give this Prosecco a solid “slightly better than average.”


Lamberti Prosecco has a nice balance of flavor and seems to be the driest of the ones we tried. Its packaging is elegant and timeless. If you’re looking for a Prosecco to give to your significant other’s parents or boss as a gift, this is it.


We were drawn to Stella Prosecco right off the shelves. Who doesn’t love a charming, illustrated Italian scooter? It’s a cute, stylish bottle to bring to a friend’s house. Though we loved the packaging, we weren’t as excited about the flavor. Betsy described it as, “Meh,” which about sums it up. It was enjoyable, but not our favorite.

Agency Recommendation:

As an agency, we’d recommend Lamberti for your Prosecco needs! From the packaging to the flavor, this is the one to have in your glass when you toast the new year!


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