April 12, 2019

Meet Emily, our new Graphic Design Intern

Please join us in welcoming Emily Hanson to the team!

Emily is currently in school at Dunwoody for graphic design, has a foxy-looking pup and enjoys baking in her limited free time. She caught our attention with her quick wit and impressive design portfolio—immediately, we knew she would be a great addition to our team.

Since she started a few weeks ago, we’ve had the opportunity to get to know her a bit more and here’s what we’ve gathered:

  • If Emily could have any super power, she would like to be Amy Poehler. If you don’t count that as a superpower (which you should, because Amy is a hero!) she would love the ability to communicate with animals and understand what her dog is thinking.
  • Pineapples on pizza? Emily unapologetically loves pineapples on pizza. In fact, when she used to live with male roommates she would strategically order pineapple pizza to ensure she had leftovers. This was a foolproof plan until they started liking it too.
  • One of Emily’s favorite things about Minneapolis is how accessible everything is. She can get to most places by walking or taking the bus.
  • She frequently tunes in to ‘Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me,’ NPR’s weekly news podcast.
  • The weirdest thing Emily has ever eaten is Cuttlefish Ink Pasta. She says that eating black pasta is what made that experience strange.
  • The Office aficionado: She recently had a dream (or shall we say, “nightmare?”) that her husband cancelled Netflix because she watched The Office too much.
  • Favorite food? Emily loves heading to the farmers market, picking up the freshest cucumber and thinly slicing it to make a quick pickle.

Can you see why we’re really excited about adding Emily’s design-savvy to our team? Welcome!

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