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Behind the Design: Vamos! Vino

This past fall, IN Food had the pleasure of pairing up with Famiglia Meschini, an Argentinian wine company based in Minnesota, for a pro-bono design project. We’re all familiar with a classic bottled Malbec… but what about Malbec in a can? With summer outings on boats, picnics in parks, and backyard barbeques, the convenient, single-serve “wine in a can” is a growing trend.

So when the duo behind Famiglia Meschini approached us with a vision of their tasty wine in a can, we hopped on board because, well, wine not?

We kicked off the design process by brainstorming creative names for a classic wine with a twist in a new on-the-go format. We landed on the playful “Vamos! Vino” meaning “Let’s go! Wine” in Spanish. The name itself felt like a song and dance which we thought was fitting for a wine that could be taken anywhere – to a party, on a boat, to the beach.

Once the name was nailed down, the design team took to their computers. We each came up with a few concepts and narrowed it down to a few options to present to Famiglia Meschini. Throughout the process, we knew we wanted our designs to reflect the bright, vibrant Argentinian culture—which came to life through the colors, patterns and illustrations in our concepts. And, with a product geared toward young women in their twenties and thirties, using modern fonts, playful shapes and rich colors became our focus.


We presented a variety of options in two flavor profiles to show the versatility of the design: some had a rugby feel (a favorite sport of the Meschini family), others a more beach-like vibe, some brought in the shape of Argentina, and others featured whimsical designs to show a fun spirit and energy.

The design we moved forward invoked wine pouring out of a bottle, with vibrant colors and illustrations to distinguish the flavor. A white band across the can resembled something similar to the Argentina flag, and drew attention to the name “Vamos! Vino.” For the next step in the design process, we experimented with using the colors of the Argentinian flag:


Ultimately, we landed on a design that was closer to the original version because it would display the Malbec flavor best and leave more opportunities to design for other varieties in the future. It also incorporated illustrations to give consumers a better idea of flavor.


Famiglia Meschini’s bottled wines can currently be found in New York, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Nebraska. Follow Vamos! Vino on Instagram for the latest updates on their products!

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