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December 10, 2018

A non-dairy debate: Which coffee creamer will we stock at IN?

As 9 a.m. approached and the IN team started the workday sans caffeine, our coffee (and tea) drinkers eagerly awaited this brand test. Were we truly interested in comparing creamers? Or simply anxious to have warm, caffeinated beverages in our hands?

The Criteria:

Flavor and creaminess. We tested each creamer on its own, and in our hot drink of choice. Bias-free, we blindly sampled French Vanilla, non-dairy creamers.

Then, blissfully caffeinated, we gathered our results.

The Breakdown:

Califia Farms Better Half:

Looking at the creamer poured in a glass, it has a darker, grayer color compared to the rest and a thinner composition. On its own, Califia pulled ahead as a crowd favorite; having a “not too sweet” vanilla, nutty flavor. In coffee, however, this non-dairy additive lacked the creaminess we hoped for.

  • Packaging: Califia’s Better Half packaging is sophisticated. The name, “Better Half” is effective and fits the product. We love everything about it.
  • Sugar content: 0g


Nutpods brings a creamy consistency and a nutty, vanilla smoothness to any cup of joe. We wish it had a hint more of vanilla, but this plant-based creamer makes the perfect alternative to the traditional Half & Half.

  • Packaging: Cute but feels a little juvenile. Nutpods does a nice job showing the flavor identity in their design with vanilla plant imagery.
  • Sugar content: 0g

So Delicious

So Delicious creamer has the most appetizing color and a prominent coconut/vanilla taste (perhaps, a hint of almond extract as well?). Given, the other creamers were unsweetened, this was a bit of a shock to our system. But, we are still pleased with its smooth, creamy texture. If you’re inclined to sweetness, this is the creamer for you.

  • Packaging: This packaging seems flat, corporate and could easily get lost on a shelf in the store. It is the only brand we tested that uses product application in their package design with the cup of coffee.
  • Sugar content: 4g/tbsp


Ripple grabs our eye in store with its sleek and colorful design. In taste, we weren’t particularly pleased with the peas (Ripple is made from Ripptein™, a pea protein). Compared to the other non-dairy creamers, its consistency was watery and chalky. However, Ripple may be a good choice for those with dietary restrictions—on top of dairy-free, it’s nut-free, soy-free and gluten-free.

  • Packaging: So, we definitely understand that their logo is meant to look like a ripple effect of sorts but are worried that with the font they’ve chosen it could be confused for nipple…. We’re just not sure if that’s a good look for a coffee creamer. Overall, we like its unique approach in shape, bottle use and color. It’s bright, snazzy and would stand out on a refrigerator shelf.
  • Sugar content: 1g/tbsp

Which creamer will be stocked in our fridge?

Nutpods! A non-dairy creamer with the perfect level of creaminess.

An INsight: Apparently, kids from small towns take shots of creamer in their local Perkins for “fun”.

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