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Battle of the Bubbly: Which sparkling water is best?

Because all is not fair in love and sparkling water

As an ad agency, we took it upon ourselves to answer the be-all, end-all of questions: Which sparkling water is best? Will La Croix continue in our hearts and taste buds as “sparkling water of record”?

We had to get to the bottom of this.

Four notable brands (La Croix, Waterloo, Bubly & Whole Foods 365) were put to the IN Food Taste Test.

The Criteria:

Flavor and fizz, as simple as is. This was followed by a discussion about the product’s packaging. For consistency purposes, we blindly sampled the grapefruit flavor of each brand.

The Breakdown:

La Croix:

Flavor and fizz: Muted, subtle grapefruit taste. It looks bubblier than it actually is.

Packaging: Distinct, well-built brand that has become the standard of sparkling water. We love the vibrant, fun packaging.

Overheard at IN: “They’ve made an empire—iconic.”


Flavor and fizz: Most unique, prominent flavor that doesn’t exactly taste like grapefruit, but is good. Reminds us of Freeze Pops.

Packaging: Waterloo’s packaging stands out with a retro vibe. It’s evident they’re targeting a specific audience that is looking for organic, natural products. We dig it.

Overheard at IN: “Smells like Subway.”


Flavor and fizz: Strong smell, packed with flavor and followed by a nice aftertaste. Bubble level seems average.

Packaging: Bubly’s simple, clean design gives it a modern twist. The font and colors make it feel youthful.

Overheard at IN: “This is the only one that doesn’t taste like crushed up vitamins.”

Whole Foods 365:

Flavor and fizz: A minimal (but nice) flavor that’s not too bubbly.

Packaging: Fun, generic looking package. We like how they used the grapefruit in their design. Looks cheap…we expected more, Whole Foods.

Overheard at IN: “Is this La Croix?”

The Results:

If we had to decide, our sparkling water of record is: Bubly!

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