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Our Best at Work Playlists

What’s IN our earbuds? Here are a few of our favorite playlists to listen to while we’re chipping away.

Caroline, Copywriter:

“I listen to the Spotify Orchestra: Cello playlist a lot at work because it doesn’t have words, which can be difficult when I’m writing. Often, I’ll play this on shuffle and test myself to identify cello repertoire—always finding little ways to challenge my brain. Otherwise, sometimes you just need a good mixture of Kendrick/Childish Gambino/Chance the Rapper/Macklemore to pound out some articles, you know?”

Ciara, Digital Marketing Coordinator:

“At work I listen to a bit of everything depending on my mood and what music will keep me focused or motivated throughout the day. One of my go-tos is an original playlist called Cold Brew that is a little upbeat but still kind of focused and includes tracks from Sylvan Esso, Maggie Rogers, etc. Other times I’ll just throw on my Discover Weekly playlist and let Spotify be the DJ.”

Maddy, Graphic Designer:

Lately I’ve been listening to the How I Built This podcast. It’s nice because when I want to fully engage while doing some mindless design tweaking I can, but the interviews are also relaxing to listen to and easy to tune out if needed. My go-to music is Head and the Heart because it’s calming (and the occasional Hairspray or Rent soundtrack if I need to get pumped up).”

Alyssa, Graphic Designer:

“I usually listen to my own curated Christian worship playlist in the morning and then in the afternoons I listen to my random mix playlist, which has everything from Disney to 80s and 90s hits to Rat Pack/Jazz.”

Lori, Creative Director:

“I just hum…Lift High the Cross.”

Nina, Project Manager:

“I’ll listen to various coffee shop playlists to relax, personal development podcasts for inspiration, and podcasts about blogging (because I’m trying to be a blogger now HA!).”

Emily, Account Executive:

“I cannot listen to words when I work, so I usually listen to Workday Lounge or Brain Food on Spotify—sometimes jazz if I’m feeling fancy. When I have a big meeting, presentation, or some serious plank time, I get pumped up with Beyoncé (girl power) or steal some dance songs from my Sculpt playlists!”

Maggie, Account Manager:

Not sure how I ever landed upon it, but my go-to music station at work is Tyrone Wells Radio – relaxing music with a few better-known songs mixed in. There are also times where I might have an upcoming concert and need a refresher (I’m terrible with lyrics and associating songs with correct artists…) and will listen to that particular band to attempt to quickly study-up.” 

Betsy, Graphic Designer:

“I listen to Spotify and typically browse their playlists. Some of the ones I’m drawn to are Coffee Housein the mornings, and then in the afternoon I’ll switch to some Indie playlist—usually Indie PopEssential IndieNew Indie Mix, or Boho + Chill. Otherwise if I really need to focus I’ll listen to Relax and Unwind or Afternoon Acoustic.”

Drew, Account Coordinator:

“I’m almost always listening to something at work. I like a lot of sports/pop culture podcasts like the Bill Simmons Podcast or Men in Blazers because it’s a fun conversation to listen to with interesting guests. When writing or editing I listen to the This Is M83 Spotify playlist. Any other kind of work it’s usually the Spotify’s Modern Psychedelia playlist. If for whatever reason I need to get amped about something at work I listen to Nirvana or Kanye West.”

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