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Which gravy are we inviting over for Thanksgiving dinner?

Between the turkey, the stuffing and the green bean casserole, who has time to fuss with gravy? Sometimes you need a shortcut. In our recent blind taste test, we tried three store-bought gravies on a mission to find our favorite.


Taste and appearance: Heinz offered a robust, herbal flavor. The light color was appealing, but the chunks of turkey were a bit questionable. Overall thoughts? Decent, but not great.

Packaging: While the red label feels warm and homey, the photography is generic and unappetizing we would like to see Heinz take a more modern approach to their photography for a fresher appeal.

Price: $0.18/oz.



Taste and appearance: Of the three, Swanson was well-seasoned and had the best turkey flavor. Its light, smooth texture looked the most authentic and appetizing.

Packaging: We love the fresh photography and bold typeface that Swanson uses to set itself apart from the competition. The simple white background allows the product to take center stage. We’re also in favor of the easy-to-store box design.

Price: $0.15/oz.swanson2

Our Family

Taste and appearance: Our Family’s artificial taste and lack of saltiness did not sit well with our testers. The dark color and chunks were also a turnoff.

Packaging: Our Family’s packaging fell as flat as the product inside. The overall dark tones of the label and photography paired with dated fonts gives this a very “you get what you pay for” vibe – and not in a good way.

Price: $0.11/oz.


 So, who gets the invite?

Swanson! The fresh, real-turkey flavor gives it a taste that competes with homemade. The texture is light and creamy and doesn’t have the polarizing meat pieces that we found in the competitions’. Go ahead and throw it in the cart this holiday season – we won’t tell.


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